Former thieves Costel and Veronica live on the euro, albeit very honestly. But everything changes when Costel's daughter becomes homeless and has to move into their apartment, Veronica threatens to open an onlyfans as a business. Costel receives an offer: to steal a bottle of wine valued at 300,000 bucks, the Chateau d'Yquem. The couple makes a pact: it will be their last robbery and then they will retire with a nice little money under the mattress. At the restaurant, Costel sneaks into the cellar to get his hands on the Chateau d'Yquem, but ends up packing 44 more bottles. It seems they have pulled off the heist of the century. That's almost two million euros worth of fermented grapes. But the buyer does not show up at the agreed delivery point. With so much at stake, the thieves hide their most prized bottle in an old warehouse in Madrid and get in the car, with their four dozen other high-end bottles, to cross Europe in search of customers. Madrid warehouse and get in the car, with their four dozen other high-end bottles, to drive across Europe in search of customers. The world turns against them: the car falls off a cliff, they lose their money and, in Madrid, Costel's daughter, a Glovo delivery girl, suffers an accident. Finally, when they are about to divide the loot and go their separate ways, the buyer reappears. It is not by chance. They discover that, on the Internet, there are dozens of pages auctioning the bottle for three times its price. The fame of the theft has overvalued it. So, with a new price for the transaction, the two thieves wait for their client at the Croatian border with Montenegro. But it is also the police who show up. Veronica and Costel are caught. Her defense gets Veronica a parole. But it is of little use to the former model because, when she arrives at the hiding place of her treasure, she cannot even find the cork of the Chateau d' Yquem.