Doráncel, 33, wears the espadrilles inherited from his father. For Doráncel, treading the earth in those worn-out shoes is an honor that he boasts to Flor Alba, a tender young woman with whom he has made an appointment at the village canteen. Doráncel loses himself in Flor Alba's eyes, in her neck, in her breasts, in her scent of fresh camellias. He would like to tell her many things, but there are so many voices in his head that he can't get a word out. He assumes that this is what it means to be in love: to feel the voices of the head and the heart speaking at the same time. When he finally utters a declaration of love, Flor Alba does not finish listening to him and turns her back to attend to Marcos, a corpulent and attractive young man who warns her: "Your mother asked me to take you home and not to leave you alone with this madman". Flor Alba, offended, asks Marcos for respect. She is not going anywhere. But just at that moment, The discussion is interrupted by a shout - "Shut up!" - demands Doráncel to the voices coming out of his head. The jeers are not long in coming. Flor leaves with Marcos, pushed by the bewilderment and fear that Marcos puts into her head.