LA PELLA is a komedia kanalla that narrates the adventures of two friends, Kiko and Borja, who live an eternal weekend of alcohol, drugs and aIers. But there is something that can make everything collapse: the deadline to cancel a debt with the Nacle, a college classmate who is also his dealer. The tragicomic adventures in which they find themselves involved will end up bringing to light the distance that separates them: Borja, belonging to a well-to-do social class, and Kiko, an uprooted neighborhood kid used to living in the present of the street. In LA PELLA there are no drug dealers or violence, it is a story that tells us about the other side of drugs: the side of the "clients". LA PELLA is a SPIN-OFF of "HISTORIAS DEL KRONEN", a novel that has become a generational became a generational landmark in the 90s. In Spain, the movie of "Historias del kronen", was selected at CANNES and won the Goya Award for best screenplay. best screenplay.