Miguel (45), an executive of a Los Angeles-based consulting firm, travels to Mexico to sign the purchase of Trevor, a family business in bankruptcy. Being the most senior in the company and forced to deal with new talent, Miguel sees an opportunity to keep his position, although his main concern is to recover his relationship with his daughter Cathy (17) after the loss of her mother. Tina (35), Trevor's finance director, is tasked with accompanying Miguel to see the plant and logistics center. On the trip an anonymous call orders Miguel to change his itinerary. An undercover hitman along with Cathy and a guy with an order to kill them are the beginning of a violent journey. Forced to carry out orders including the assassination of Trevor's CEO Celina, they will have to hide two million dollars in a warehouse, evade the police and sign the contract with the local company. At the end of the day Miguel receives a message from the "MyCEO" App announcing the objectives accomplished. A fact that takes him from victim to victimizer. 48 hours before her trip, Cathy implores her father to meet a friends' startup. Ignoring the danger of a simple App generated by "the kids" in the industry, Miguel accepts and challenges MyCEO to the challenge of achieving his goals with Trevor. MyCEO is an AI that will search for the most appropriate resource to achieve its User's goals. Miguel and Tina discover that such resources come from the worst world without measuring the consequences. They will have to negotiate with "the children" of the App to erase evidence and plan together a millionaire business.