Fuerteventura. Ubay and Alex, friends since childhood, compete in the surfing tournament that will give access to the Olympic Games. Ubay's parents died years ago in an accident and the boy was rescued by Martin, who took care of him in his surf school. El Modisto, a hitman hired by Emilia, Ubay's grandmother, recognizes him on TV and realizes that he survived the accident, so he decides to go looking for him to finish the job. Ubay will have to face the economic problems of Martín's school, as well as defend himself from Jonay, the leader of a street gang who provokes a fight with his group of friends, including Mafalda, for whom he has special feelings. Meanwhile, Alex, desperate for an environment in which he does not want to live, confesses his feelings to Ubay, something that will further increase the problems between them. Ubay not only faces his friend and rival, Alex, for a single place in the Olympic Games, but also the truth about the death of his parents, as Emilia and the Modisto attend the tournament, and the puzzle of his life, only then, will make sense.