90 minutes


Without leaving the locker room and with everything against him, the former player and now manager J.A., not only must win the decisive game for the club he loves and with which he wants to build his career as a coach, but to do so he must also find out who and why is sabotaging the team. In this race against the clock there is no shortage of suspects. An assistant coach who thinks it would be easier to become head coach with the team in the second division, a captain beset by injuries and decline, a capricious new star who holds a secret that could end his career, a goalkeeper who receives an incriminating envelope at the start of the game, a rookie who spies for the president, a player haunted by debt and a midfielder who has relapsed into alcohol are part of the starting eleven for this game. When halftime arrives and the team loses 1-3, suspicions become certainties. J.A. will have to decide who to believe and who not to believe, in order to overcome the result in a league where illegal betting, financial speculation, doping and a resentment postponed for years, will make the ball run on the court of betrayal and revenge.