Ten years after leaving, journalist Ezequiel Arenas returns to the neighborhood where he grew up to investigate a sadistic lynching. neighborhood where he grew up to investigate a sadistic lynching. Ezequiel left when he began his journalism career, and now devotes himself to writing articles about lifestyle or exclusive items for wealthy people in fine magazines. However, when he learns from his father that a man has been brutally lynched in front of the building where he spent his entire childhood and adolescence, he feels called to investigate. In a world of violence, betrayals, old teenage loves and street soccer games, Ezequiel tries to understand what happened, the motivations of the killers and the identity of the victim: a street kid nicknamed "el Roñas". However, the more he investigates the more his confusion grows, how did something he thought he understood as well as his neighborhood, reveal itself to be so terrifying and unfamiliar? Now Ezequiel fears for his father who still lives there, among those people who surely greeted him as a child and now were capable of killing another human being with such viciousness. Helped by his old soccer friends, by a girl who was his crush as a teenager, by his activist ex-girlfriend and by his own father, Ezequiel will have to make an effort to understand the violent act committed against "el Roñas", which reveals the frustration of impunity in his old neighborhood, a reflection of the discontent that permeates all Mexican cities; He will struggle to find the truth to capture it in his report, while dealing with threats from the neighborhood, a troubled relationship with his father, a cathartic breakup and an identity crisis.

STATUS: under development