Stricken by financial difficulties and a health insurance that refuses to provide the benefits it should, Dany (35) returns to live at the home of his mother, Beba (72), who suffers from Alzheimer's disease and with whom he has always had a complex relationship. Dany has a twin sister, Nina, a successful music star abroad who has left her family behind without any help. Still, she is Beba's favorite. He was also famous as a child, but time has taken him away from show business and he now works in a pharmacy, frustrated with his life. One night in the middle of one of his confusions, Beba confuses her son with Nina and from that day on he begins to cross-dress as if she were his sister. Being Nina, Dany feels something he has been looking for for a long time, the respect and admiration of his mother. As the disease progresses, Dany is divided in two. At times it is him fighting the health insurance, trying to keep his mother happy, working to support her and even making her believe he is dating a girl. At times it's Nina whom Beba loves and reveres, and it's in that role where he gets to bring out his abandoned artistic side. Being ̀ˆNina ̀ˆ he is even encouraged to sing again, but all this makes Dany a total slave to his mother, leaving aside his life, his desires. Lola, her best friend, Eduardo, her boyfriend whom she rejects, and even her lawyer try to convince him that he should sue his sister or commit his mother, but he is not willing, not now that he believes he has finally won Beba's affection. Thus each becomes dependent on the other. A dependence that will push Dany to the limit...

STATUS: In search of funds