Argentine soccer has always made its mark internationally. In addition to the great players it always has, including of course Maradona and Messi, it has always had a leading role in the most important championships. But Argentina is not only famous for its good soccer, but also for its passionate fans, that "hinchada" that never stops singing, even when their teams are defeated. The originality of these songs has crossed borders and everyone applauds their ingenuity. Where do these chants come from, who creates them, how do the authors of the original songs feel about it, what does soccer mean to Argentine society?
In this series we will delve into these topics, investigate the origins of the most famous fans' songs and delve into the relevance of soccer for Argentines. From the Argentine National Team, the last world champion, we will go through the most important teams of this country: Boca, River, Racing, Independiente and San Lorenzo.

STATUS: under development