The price of being badass


The law of karma is an energetic interpretation of the physical law of cause and effect, and assures that each individual lives the consequences of his or her own actions, whether positive or negative. According to numerologists and metaphysicians, each person "decides" where he/she will be born, therefore, Mexicans chose to be born in Mexico. This irresponsible decision brought with it great consequences: the burden of being the cosmogonic center of the universe, crying and singing together ...the Mexican puts obstacles to his growth, consciously or unconsciously, to blame his defeats on a past that he does not want to accept but from which he cannot run away either. Drama or Karma? A trio of comedians will try to clear this doubt together with luxury guests, delving into the depths of the Mexican being.

STATUS: CREATED BY: Marco Colantoni, Alejandro Marquis y Alex MarĂ­n y Kall