Secret Childbirth


Autumn 1996 in Quequén, a quiet coastal town in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Esteban (16), still an imbebebe, already thinks he knows it all. With no parents at home, he enjoys the feeling of living alone, even if only for the couple of days they are away. Everything changes when a strange sound interrupts the preview of the night out with his friends. Following the cry of a baby coming from the bathroom, Esteban discovers that his sister Romina (18) has just given birth. What led her to keep her pregnancy a secret? Esteban tries to complete the pieces of the puzzle as he learns to care for his newborn nephew and rediscovers his relationship with his introspective older sister. The early arrival of his parents forces him to face the difficult task of coming to terms with the fact that his family is not as stable as he thought. Saying goodbye to living with Romina, Esteban faces the sweet pain of growing up. A story about the search for one's own freedom, where brotherly love is the guide.

STATUS: under development