After losing his mother, 13-year-old Dániel Riedel finds refuge in his German family's home in southern Chile. refuge in his German family's home in southern Chile. Under the care of his aunt Dorothea and her seemingly exemplary children, Hermann and Hilda, it is discovered that Dániel's arrival causes emotional changes in the family, which follows strict German traditions and is attached to its religion. The task of raising young Dániel is complicated when he develops a connection with Ema, a farm worker. Dorothea tries to separate them, but her children misunderstand her intentions and, at a party, ridicule Ema, causing her to disappear into the countryside. This situation triggers a search that exposes corrupt acts within the Riedel family. And despite their attempts to cover up the truth, the perversion in their actions unleashes the wrath of Dániel.


In his second feature film, Nico Postiglione (Inmersión, 2021), delves into the drives that emerge intrinsically in environments strongly influenced by strict tradition and religiosity. The film is presented as a meticulous thriller that immerses the viewer in a journey into the interior of a peculiar and disturbing European family that has made its home in a South American country.