In a restaurant overlooking the beaches of Bocas del Toro, a paradisiacal place in northern Panama, Michael is meeting with Bill Cortez, a friendly American investor who arrived in Panama a few months ago with his wife Jane Cortez (30). Muscular, with a penetrating gaze, somewhat uncouth but kind and charming, Bill talks to Michael about the possibility of buying a piece of land there. Jane perfectly complements Bill's words, giving precise knowledge about financial matters for the transaction. Michael seems willing to do the deal and formally takes his leave. Bill smiles at Jane with complicity. Some time ago, the rebellious white supremacist William Datham Holbert loses custody of his children in the state of North Carolina after a separation with his ex-wife and mother of the children. The pain, but above all the need to regain contact with his little ones, leads William to commit petty crimes to get money. In the midst of this he meets Jane, and the love that grows between the two becomes a force that accelerates their downward spiral as they begin to work together running more elaborate scams. However, the authorities discover them and the couple has no choice but to flee the U.S. for Panama with false documents.