Yes indeed!


Abel Stoikos is a disgruntled journalist who has just stepped on the last wrong callus, which closes any opportunity to practice his profession as he understands it. Thus, he is forced to accept a job in the editorial office of a newspaper of bizarre paranormal events in Mexico in the 90s. More than a newsroom it looks like a laboratory, full of freaks and geeks, amulets, computers and even a modern modem, in a basement that looks like a flea market from another world. His reputation precedes him, and despite the suspicion of his new colleagues, he now finds himself assigned to Mexican urban legends. He will use all his tenacity to investigate, together with the enthusiastic photographer Inés, mythical cases such as the giant rat in La Merced, UFO's in the Ajusco, or the appearance of a horny vampire in the Barranca del Muerto subway. The journalists will have the inquisitive gaze of Pedraza, an outcast who follows them like a pantheon fly and who in reality works for those who control the occult world. As he recovers his self-confidence, Abel will see his square and predictable world blur, to discover a universe in which the paranormal is an everyday occurrence.

STATUS: under development